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Day 2 - Results & Recommendations

What to expect on your second visit

After your initial assessment and first entrainment, we will invite you to take a defining step in your healing process: determining the course of action. On Day 1, we gathered information about:

  • The current state of your spinal health.

  • How stress has affected your body and how your body has defended itself over years.

  • Basic tension patterns to which your body resorts.


During your second visit at Healing Wave Chiropractic, we will discuss:

  • The most important aspects of your examination and first entrainment.

  • More explanation about how our care will affect your body.

  • The potential we see for you to progress and heal and amount of time required.

  • The action steps you need to take to obtain the results you desire.

  • Initial requirements for being accepted as a patient and office policies.

  • Fees in your individual case.


After we discuss these topics and all questions are answered, it is time to commence care!


Congratulations on taking the first steps to creating true wellness from within!

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