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Conclusion: This study showed that Boswellia serrata supplementation can be beneficial in controlling blood
parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes. Therefore, its use can be useful in patients with medicines.

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001 "This prospectively studied cohort provides evidence that psychological distress more than doubles later risk of low back pain"

002 "Satisfaction with one's job may protect against development of chronic pain and disability after acute onset back pain"

003 "We conclude that depressive symptoms predict future musculoskeletal disorders, but not vice
versa, whereas the association of stress symptoms and musculoskeletal disorders is reciprocal."

004 "Clinical outcome did not depend on the size of herniation or the grade of degeneration of the intervertebral disc in the minimum 7-year follow-up."

005 "Psychological distress was an important risk factor for incident back pain" 

"poor childhood and adolescent emotional status predicted early adulthood lower back pain"

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