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What Should I Know Before My Examination
A look into your first visit at our office

Our intention is to help you be happier and healthier by experiencing life through a vibrant, healthy spine and nerve system.

Our spinal examination is designed to assess spinal and neural integrity and your level of body awareness. Can you feel the multitude of things that are happening in your spine and tissues? Self-awareness and connection to your body is critical to heal and evolve as a being.

After the evaluation, you will receive your first spinal entrainment. After this session, the doctor will ask a few more questions about your awareness or experience while on the table. You will be given some basic instructions for the time before your next visit.


We will then find an appropriate time for follow-up, usually within 3-7 days. This follow-up visit is a conference with the chiropractor to review your results and the best course of intervention for your healing.

The fee for the first visit at our office is $150, We do NOT accept any type of health insurance. Cash, check, HSA, FSA, and credit card are valid forms of payment.

*All new patients require a consultation and examination before receiving care.

Our spinal evaluation includes several important components. During this time, we will record our findings and initial impression about how your body has managed stress. This visit may take up to 2 hours. For this reason, please plan on spending this amount of time on your first visit as we do not want you to be rushed. Some of the evaluation procedures that we may perform include:

  • Computerized postural study

  • Gait and movement analysis

  • Weight balance distribution

  • Facilitative pattern palpation

  • Range of motion measurements

  • Motion palpation

  • Flexion and lateral flexion connective tissue assessment

  • Heart Rate Variability testing (autonomic adaptability and balance)

  • Infrared Spinal Thermography (autonomic balance)

  • Static Electromyography (muscle tone)

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