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Chiropractic Care for Children

Gentle, specific pediatric care

Taking care of the spine and nerve system from a young age ensures that children have the best chance of growing into healthy adults. At Healing Wave Chiropractic, we use one of the most gentle, low-force chiropractic techniques to ensure that your children are safe and comfortable with the doctor and with the adjustments. We believe that regular spinal checkups are essential for kids of all ages, especially those with a history of traumatic birth, chronic illness, decreased immunity or behavioral issues.


Every year, more research is produced by doctors of chiropractic to demonstrate the safe and effective nature of pediatric chiropractic (visit this link for a list of research papers: Pediatric Chiropractic Research).

Quote by David Heilig, DO about early intervention to help spinal function
Two spines, one of a muscular scoliotic man, and the other of a young boy, both from behind with each of them performing a biceps muscle pose

Many spinal problems seen in adults have their origins as early as birth. Even the easiest natural birthing methods put stress on the spine, nerve system, and cranial bones. Complaints such as colic, breathing and nursing difficulty, sleep disturbances, allergies, chronic infections and developmental delays can be traced to nerve system interference and are indicators that your child is a candidate for holistic chiropractic care.


Since significant spinal trauma can occur during the birthing process, many parents choose to have their newborns checked by a doctor of chiropractic right away. Developmental milestones such as learning to hold up the head, sitting, crawling, and walking are activities that affect spinal alignment and these are critical times to have your infant checked by a holistic chiropractor. As the child continues to grow and become more physically active, minor stressors from regular childhood activities like jumping, biking or skating may cause the spine to inefficiently adapt to stress. Muscle tension patterns may add further tension on the spine and nerve system.


Injuries and accidents are also times when many parents choose holistic chiropractic care for their children. Though your child may not express pain, discomfort, or noticeable postural distortions after an injury, a checkup is still important. An injury may not even cause significant symptoms but, as with many health conditions, pain is not always the most reliable indicator of an underlying problem.


In our office, Dr. Shaun Gallagher will take a case history and perform a detailed spinal examination. His care will help your child develop a spine and nerve system that not only feels and heals more better, but they will also become less prone to the same problems in the future. Regular chiropractic visits create sustainable change in your child's life. Call or schedule a complimentary consultation today to speak with Dr. Gallagher and to discover how his care may positively impact your child and your family.


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