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What Is Network Spinal Analysis?
A cutting edge, evidence-based chiropractic technique

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

is an advanced, holistic approach to healing the spine and nerve system that is not only more gentle than most chiropractic applications, but also provides more than just physical benefits. Research shows that individuals who regularly receive Network care get physical benefits such as pain and tension reduction, but they also experience emotional balancing, easing of psychological strains and brain chatter and the ability to better deal with everyday stressors. Research undertaken at the University of California, Irvine’s medical college shows conclusively that patients undergoing network spinal analysis care demonstrate significant improvements in pain and stress levels. The study concluded that out of 2,818 subjects, 99% were more than satisfied with the level of care they received, and its long-term results.

How does Network Spinal Analysis work?

  • We understand that each individual possesses an innate intelligence that gives them the ability to naturally self-heal, a capacity that is significantly diminished when the spine and nerve system is compromised when your body cannot dissipate tension appropriately.

  • NSA works on principles of reorganization rather than principles of restoration. More simply stated, this care helps your natural healing capacity to reduce areas of tension that aren't useful to you while teaching your body's tissues to move and breathe more efficiently. Instead of just deleting programs you don't like, we upgrade your entire operating system and install new programs for tension management and healing that didn't exist before.

  • We are experts at identifying areas of critical tension in your body and releasing them in the right order so that your body and brain get the most out of each session.

  • Taking into account both spinal subluxations as well as any life stress factors such as depression or life changes, NSA works toward designing a holistic and individualized care plan.

  • Network care allows the central nervous system to operate effectively, thereby improving the overall quality of your health and systemic functions.

  • We believe that the shape, tone, tension and position of your spine directly mirrors the quality of your life.

What is the care procedure?

Network is a non-intrusive, drug-free approach to heal your spine and your life. Each visit to our office begins with the doctor determining the current condition of your spine and the associated tissues. The intervention is applied very precisely to the spine and surrounding regions to initiate reorganization of tension patterns that your body has made into habit. Light contacts are made at critical points to create two healing waves that travel along your spine and throughout your body. These two waves are unique to Network care and they allow your nerve system to reboot and learn a more efficient way of distributing energy.

The first wave involves how you move the breath up and down your spine. It is called the Respiratory Wave and it brings ease into the body so that deeper healing is possible. The body-mind or Somatopsychic Wave occurs simultaneously and it travels through the spine (affecting the central nervous system) and through the extremities. The Somatopsychic Wave helps you to train areas where you have stored tension to “let go.”


Network Care is most effective as a regular part of one's wellness lifestyle - consistent and frequent visits are proven to produce the best results. Most members of this practice are seen on a weekly basis, sometimes several times per week. This frequency is recommended by the doctor based on your health goals and the results of our objective examination procedures. (For more info about our examination procedures, click here.)

Though Network Care and Donny Epstein's other brilliant technologies (EpiEnergetics, Somato-Respiroatory Integration, the Triad of Change, and more) are FILLED with concepts and maps of how energy, healing and consciousness are organized, the most important facet of Network Care is to EXPERIENCE IT. Call, text or email the office to set up a phone consultation with Dr. Gallagher.

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