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What Are My Care Options?
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We will start off by reminding you that it is always your choice on how to take care of your health when it comes to choosing your health and wellness team. Regardless of what form your health care may take, it is a good idea to have someone who truly cares on your side.


Although we are not here to give opinions on other forms of health care, there are certainly many health care choices (both medical and holistic) available to you in the Lehigh Valley. The majority of practitioners are focused on managing pain and symptoms or restoring a person to a prior state. These interventions are sometimes appropriate for your goals in conjunction with the type of chiropractic care that we provide at Healing Wave Chiropractic to re-educate, re-train and re-organize your spine and nerve system.


If during your consultation or evaluation Dr. Gallagher finds that our office is not the best solution for your goals or situation or if a different type of intervention is indicated, we will make sure to refer you to an appropriate practitioner. We are glad to help you reach your goals by making sure you are in the right hands.

Regarding the spine and nerve system, most people will generally first find a treatment that temporarily solves their health concern or reduces the symptom. Their practitioner will focus on pain or symptom relief, stopping or temporarily silencing the warning signs that may point to an underlying issue that is not being addressed. Medications to relax the muscle spasm may come first, followed by physical therapy to strengthen or balance. Then invasive procedures like injections and surgery are considered.


Your Lehigh Valley holistic chiropractor at Healing Wave Chiropractic has the intention to address the underlying patterns that cause years of tension and pain to pile up. We address spinal and neurological concerns that are often the main causes of such secondary conditions as pain, tension, and many other symptoms and condition.


Each person is completely unique, but the human body generally holds tension in identifiable and predictable patterns. Dr. Gallagher is an expert at identifying and releasing these patterns and he has dedicated his life to serving individuals who are serious about healing their bodies and their lives with natural, holistic health care options.


Your options for care will differ from the next patient’s because you have different stressors, traumas and a unique past. More severe cases will of course require more care and more time to heal. We never give up on any case that we believe our care will help. Children often need less care than adults and we recommend that they be checked as soon as possible after birth to ensure there are no obstructions to their spine or nerve system. Regular checkups help to grow strong, healthy children and we know that it is easier to keep kids healthy than it is to heal sick adults.

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