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Day 1 - Consultation, Exam, Adjustment

What to expect on your first visit

After you have filled out the intake PAPERWORK, we will begin discussing your health concerns. During this conversation, Dr. Gallagher will make notes about your concerns and history. A specific series of questions will be asked to get a better idea of how you have come to this place. We will describe how our care may affect your situation and what you can expect in the coming visits. Any questions you have will be answered at this time. If you have not already done so, you will now be given the opportunity to continue past the complimentary consultation and into the examination and care portion of your visit.


After the doctor has conducted the appropriate examination procedures (LINK) and documented his findings, you will receive your first session which will last approximately 15 minutes. During the session, you will be laying face down on one of our comfortable chiropractic tables and the doctor will contact areas your neck, tailbone, and spine specific to the examination findings. He will instruct you to pay attention to how your body responds to the contacts he is making.


After the session is complete, you will sit up on the table and be asked to share anything you were aware of during the entrainment. The doctor will also share his observations. You may ask any additional questions at this time. A follow-up appointment to discuss our findings and recommendations for care will be scheduled and financial responsibilities for the visit will be settled.

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