The marvelous world of modern science clues us into how tiny we really are and how much there is yet to learn. Each year and with each new discovery we seem to be getting smaller and smaller on this rock called Earth.

As you reflect on the facts above, I hope you have a chuckle at how BIG we make our culture, our conditioning and our problems. You may realize that there's more than meets the eye or that the story of the mind seems like so much chattering noise. There might be an awareness or need to release attachments to things and stories that do not serve our genuine nature. We may begin to turn inwards to find space and peace. Our state of consciousness may change and we might seek or find a source of available energy that was formerly bound up because we were worrying about our "stuff" or desires.

New energy brings new opportunities for creating long-lasting, sustainable change. Without the required energy for a playing at a higher level, there's not enough to survive AND to grow--the resources we have are inadequate like AAA batteries in an appliance that requires D cells. Getting more energy requires us to release or integrate those things that we have considered as problems, the sources of our pain. Connecting to and releasing the source of suffering requires presence and honesty with ourselves.

First, we become Aware of what has held us back or caused us pain. Be aware of the embodied experience as it is. This means experiencing the experience without attachment to judgment, the story, defending it, or understanding it.

Second, we Acknowledge the problem with honesty and responsibility. Acknowledge the energy, vibration, breath, movement and any other awareness that happens. Give voice to the experience: "I have been so fearful, critical, controlling."

Third, we Accept the experience and what has been acknowledged as it is without the hunger to change it, transform it, end it, or have something else instead.

These three steps are not always easy to accomplish, but they may prove helpful in resolving that old pattern or in liberating energy from the painful places where we have held it captive.

If you would like more information about breaking out of the suffering or choosing something different for your body and your life, you may visit this page to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we can help you. Thanks for reading!

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