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Holistic Chiropractic Care
Chiropractor Allentown, PA 18104 | Network Spinal Analysis

Welcome to Healing Wave Chiropractic!

              We are nestled conveniently into the heart of Allentown, PA and offer our clients a gentle healing experience that encompasses the mind, body and MORE.

           Healing Wave Chiropractic’s Dr. Shaun M Gallagher offers ENERGY RICH healing through his keen awareness of energy, an expansive loving presence, and a gentle, precise touch. Specialized training in Network Spinal Analysis Care elevates the patient's energy to a new level through skilled, systematic and scientific applications. This advanced method of holistic chiropractic care retrains the nervous system to a deeper level of adaptability and balance,  ensuring lasting results for patients.

          Network Spinal Analysis practitioners are able to create an experience that carries over to life outside the chiropractic office.  Clients are left with a greater sense of well-being, stronger connection to one’s self, and more wisdom in making healthy decisions. Patients report decreased pain and tension, improved posture and mobility, and better adaptations to stressful stimuli.

         Dr. Gallagher’s approach does not involve "cracking" or physical force for spinal manipulation making his practice an excellent choice for children and those with painful conditions.


Healing Wave Chiropractic recommends routine care for children to ensure proper spinal development and mobility. Regular checkups throughout life are ideal, especially during times of development, growth and healing. Those who proactively seek chiropractic care are rewarded with a more pliable, dynamic system that can handle more of what life has to offer.


     Healing Wave Chiropractic recommends that adults receive maintenance chiropractic care with an increase in visits during times of stress or growth. Network Spinal Analysis care is suggested as part of a healthy lifestyle to ensure that proper communication between the brain and body remain in a synchronous and dynamic state.

     Dr. Shaun Gallagher treats each client individually and completes a comprehensive health history analysis and physical exam to determine the appropriate level of chiropractic care. The use of measurement tools and diagnostics are used intermittently for reassessments and to monitor the patient’s progress.

Improved Communication

            The brain and spinal column are in a constant state of communication as the brain tells the body what to do, and the body tells the brain what it is experiencing. This dynamic relationship is paramount to sending and receiving messages properly. From years of holding the body in unhealthy positions, injuries or ailments, and emotional tenses or traumas our bodies do not always maintain a healthy level of communication between the brain and spinal column. Network Spinal Analysis works to improve this relationship to promote a healthy exchange between nerves, nerve receptors, and cerebrospinal fluid. The result of NSA care is a more self-correcting self-reliant spine who withstands the stresses of life. Clients experience that their spine feels fluid, relaxed, and more dynamic. We call this feeling “the healing wave.”

            The feeling experienced by clients can best be described as a “wave” of positively charged energy running through the spine and rippling to the extremities. This enjoyable wave brings warmth and fluidity to the spine and extremities and deep relaxation occurs. Clients report feeling grounded and connected with their surroundings with a greater mental clarity and focus.

Healing Wave Chiropractic provides:

         Holistic "whole person" approach

         Personalized care & genuine caring

         Expertise in spinal care & body entrainment

         Comfortable healing environment

         Network Spinal Analysis Care (N.S.A.)

         Breathing exercises (Somato-Respiratory                                  Integration- S.R.I.)

You will receive:

         Opening of internal communication pathways

         Release of tension by connection with body

         More breathe, more movement, more energy

         Ability to unlock emotional healing & strength

         Well-being from within

         Decreased social and environment strains

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What to Expect

    Network Care is a low-force approach to release tension and pain, become more adaptable to daily stresses, experience an enhanced sense of well-being, and live life to its fullest. NSA helps you use the energy within your spinal tension to fuel the healing process. Over time through a specified plan of Network Adjustments or Entrainments, you will be better able to adapt to environmental stressors, make healthier choices in your life, develop a healthier spine and body, and live a more fulfilling and energy rich life. Please see our page, First Chiropractic Visit for more details.

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Is your technique different?

Our expertise in spine care includes but transcends the purely physical approach. We know things about the body and the nature of energy that static x-rays and MRI cannot show you. We do not take x-rays. Our technique is gentle and appropriate to your condition. Under our knowing touch, you will feel your spine better. In other words you will develop a relationship with the physical and energetic parts of your vertebral column through the practice of body-awareness. Want to change your life? Change your spine.

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How Illness Affects Your Body

            When the spine gets sick, symptoms begin to flourish in  the physical, emotional, and psychological domains. Aches, pains, muscular tension, and poor posture begin to set-in, and tragically this can actually affect an individual's consciousness. The person’s capacity for exuberant emotion goes dormant, and psychic cycles play over and over in the mind.  These cycles become entrenched as physical (psychosomatic) patterns. One’s energy binds up and becomes unavailable in the present state with the current resources. A new understanding and neurological reprogramming is needed for the body to progress and move forward.

            No matter how deep the cyclical pattern goes or how bad the body hurts, there is change available. Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a powerful chiropractic technique that installs neurological healing strategies in the body to create sustainable change for you. Healing is available by reprogramming ineffective physical patterns into ones which support physical, emotional, and psychosocial health.

How NSA  Works

            Network Spinal Analysis uses light touches on spinal gateways to improve communication between the spinal cord and the body. According to Donny Epstein the founder of Network Spinal Analysis “entrainment sessions create two unique healing waves that create the spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions”. The patient is left with a new awareness of body and mind through use of gentle breathing techniques and relaxing stretches.


Apart from being a top notch chiropractor, Dr Shaun is also a wonderfully inspired human being who is always positive and a blessing to be around. His love of his work and his patients is obvious after spending just a little while in his presence and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his practice.

-Brian V.

Dr. Gallagher is intuitive, empathic, and treats his patients holistically. I am really impressed with the care, and the time he took to get to know me in order to give me the treatment that was perfectly suited for me.

-Elaine B.

I have learned to de-stress and live a less complicated life through my entrainment sessions at Healing Wave Chiropractic. Dr. Gallagher is professional yet caring about your entire well being.

-Sharon S.

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